Sky Hook Services’ Clear Sky Advanced Mobile Clarifying Unit is the state of the art in mobile water clarification. Our unit allows us to adapt to varying operating conditions and individual requirements. Based on a Frac tank frame, rig up time is greatly reduced. Uniquely engineered design provides you with over 1000 sq. ft of inclined plate surface area to quickly and efficiently remove solids from your produced water. Our bottom design will also assist you in the removal of collecting solids without having to shut down operations. The Clear Sky provides our clients with the ability to effectively impact their Total Suspended Solids (TSS) levels with a greater degree of mobility and a conservative footprint.

Clean water is a valuable commodity

The reuse, reduction, and recycling of produced water allow us to minimize freshwater use.  This can improve operator profitability and contribute to water conservation. Sky Hook Services provides a complete water treatment solution from start to finish. We have extensive experience in the oil field handling all aspects of water treatment. As a comprehensive oilfield service company, we can provide all the required equipment for your water treatment projects such as: 

Chlorine Dioxide

  • On the fly water treatment (>90 BPM)
  • Bacteria kill in water pits (>100,000 BPD) 
  • Injection in pipelines
  • H2S eliminate in produced water
  • Injection in produced water storage tanks 
  • FeS reduction in fresh & produced water 

Water Treatment

  • Produced water reclamation projects
  • Process produced water tanks
  • Process produced water pits
  • Process drilling water
  • Pit cleaning water (enable water to be reused for washing)
  • Ferrous & Ferric Iron removal in produced water
  • Removal of microparticle size suspended solids
  • Pretreat produced water during on the fly injection ClO2 system 

Chemical Treatment

  • Preserve Biocide
  • On the fly injection (additional to ClO2)
  • Produced water pits (post reclamation treatment) 

Settling Weir Tanks

  • Solids coagulation & flocculation
  • Solids settling & separation
  • Oil coalescing & separation 


  • Sand filter pods
  • Sock filter pods
  • DAF solids removal systems (in-line systems & tanks) 
  • Vacuum Dryer