One Simple Solution for Closed Loop Drilling

Multiple “backyard” processes are currently in place over the Permian, yet most drilling programs still resemble one another. Why isn’t there one simple solution when drilling closed loops over the Permian?

Sky Hook Services has developed and engineered a solution to this question that results in reduced costs and minimized equipment needs for operators, all while allowing them to keep a better grip on their mud properties. We’ve discovered that the best way to drill safe, fast, and under budget is to remove drilled solids from the process. Drilled solids increase drilling costs, damage reservoirs and create large disposal costs that are unnecessary to the process. 

With decades of experience in the industry, we can provide you with custom solutions for solids control that will positively impact your day-to-day operations. 

Drilled solids accumulation is typically controlled with shakers and hydrocyclone’s, however, this equipment removes solids down to only 20 microns. The ultra-fine particles remaining in the mud increase mud weight and viscosity which creates drilling problems such as stuck pipe, reduced penetration rate, and formation damage. By using a high speed/high-G Centrifuge, fine particles are removed, in turn, reducing the amount of off-spec liquid that needs to be disposed of which increases drilling efficiency. Sky Hook offers a variety of brands for big and medium bowl centrifuges as well as a wide selection of shakers for your backyard needs. Not only do we offer a variety of machines, but we also offer some of the industry’s most advanced technicians to operate and manage the job. 



All of our centrifuges are made with high-grade stainless steel for abrasion and corrosion resistance and a durable, dependable operating life. They are designed to work with many different types of drilling fluids and cuttings. Backed by Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), our versatile centrifuges can attack solids that require different G forces. Whether an oil- or water-based application, these units can be used in all parts of your well. 

Recommended centrifuges:



Sky Hook offers both three-panel and four-panel drying shakers. All of our Shakers are MI-Swaco Mongoose or equivalent and are set low to accommodate many different rig shaker configurations. The MONGOOSE shale shaker from M-I SWACO is dressed for linear motion technology for efficient removal. Using 2 vibrator motors for unparalleled performance, the MONGOOSE shaker is especially effective while drilling tophole sections where heavy, high-volume solids are usually encountered and shakers need to generate high G-forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens. 

Drying Shaker Assignment

The MONGOOSE shaker provides greater drying capacity via longer screen residence time for drier solids, improved drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life, and reduced operating costs. 

Drying Tank

Our drying shaker (triple) skid is mounted on a ‘V’ bottom 25 bbl tank with a circulation, rolling and stirring sub-system. One pump assigned to recirculation and transfers while the other pumps offer back up and/or centrifuge feed. 



  • Drying Shaker Systems 
  • Big and Medium Bowl Centrifuges (direct drive and VFD) 
  • Centrifugal Pumps 
  • Lobe Pumps 
  • Positive Displacement Pumps  
  • Shaker Tanks
  • Cuttings Tanks 
  • RigVacs 
  • Screen Washers
  • Pressure Washers 
  • Mud Mixers 
  • De-watering Units